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Gerald Gifford
Hello. My name is Gerald Gifford. I am recently retired and living life in the slow lane. To fill my time, and supplement my income, I offer very inexpensive web design for personal pages, small business and organizations, as well as other small projects. I have 14 years of web design experience and host/maintain seven sites of my own. If you are looking for something relatively simple, and inexpensive give me a call and let's discuss your needs.
  • Small Business Web Sites
  • Personal Pages & Web Sites
  • Directories & Speciality Sites
  • Web Site Design & Instruction
  • Internet Surfing & Instructions
  • In-Expensive WebSite Promotion

All About Dreams
Small Business Web Sites
I design web sites for small businesses with an emphasis on 'cost savings'. There are many ways to approach web site construction, most costing more than a small business can afford. With access to so many free and inexpensive applications, images, and services, design costs can be held to a minimum, without sacrificing quailty. From simple pages to complete web sites I offer alternative solutions in web site design.

Personal Pages & Web Sites
It is a new world and if you do not have a website you are not connected. How do you change that? The first step is where to begin. The second is the cost of design and hosting. I can solve these problems with simple solutions, with an emphasis on 'cost'. Whether it is a single page or mulitple pages with graphics, I can design a site that fits your needs.

Directories & Specialty Sites
We all have specific interests; church groups, school re-unions, favorite organizations. Why not put these interests on line with a speciality site that provides the world a glimpse of your interests. You can provide friends, neighbors, old classmates, etc. with information that they may share with you. With our Web Site Design Instruction you can design your own pages with contents that suites your personality or specific tastes.For an idea what a site of this character looks like see my own personal 'high school classmates site'.

Web Site Design Instruction
Want to have some great fun? Want to utilize your creative skills. Want to save money on web page design and control content by 'doing it yourself'? I can provide easy instructions so you are your own webmaster. Web design is an art but if I can learn how to so can you. Learn the language of the World Wide Web {www} and become the webmaster. Learn to build your own pages and not only save money but enjoy being creative.
Internet Surfing & Instructions
New to the internet? I can provide you with in-home instructions on how to use the internet and surf the www {world wide web}. It is not as hard as you may think. Proper training in a short period of time will make you proficient at searching the web, and make it fun to do. This is an opportunity for new users, especially elder clients needing/wanting to learn to live life in the 21st century.
In-Expensive WebSite Promotion
You finally have your website and now need to get it noticed. I have established websites that when linked to provide higher rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Knowing the rules is the first step to higher rankings. Having established sites linked to your site provides the boost you need to get to the top.
"Soon there will be only two kinds of businesses, those online and those out of business"....Bill Gates

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